First Nations Health Governance in British Columbia: Strategic Planning and Performance Reporting in the First Nations Health Authority




Cheema, Hardeep

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The low health status of First Nations people in the Province of British Columbia and persistent gaps in health outcomes as compared with other provincial residents led to the founding of the First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) in 2013. With less than a decade of operations, there have been limited evaluative studies assessing performance of this unique first-of-its-kind health authority in Canada that is run by and for First Nations. An in-depth document analysis of all FNHA service plans and annual reports to date shows the development of strategic planning and performance reporting processes in the context of a new and growing organization. A detailed analysis into this type of organizational literature is helpful in highlighting areas of misalignment and improving planning and reporting processes. In a public sector context, analysis of service plans and annual reports is particularly useful in assessing performance and accountability where the metric of profitability is not a consideration as it is with private-sector organizations.



First Nations, strategic planning, performance reporting, FNHA, health outcomes, annual reports