“Girls and Boys", Same or Different: Understanding How Hegemonic Masculinity Influences Early Childhood Educators’ Pedagogy




Fan, Xinyan

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This research adopted the concept Hegemonic Masculinity and inquired how this kind of gender practice influenced early childhood teachers’ pedagogy, in order to interpret the gap between the real teaching practice and the ideal gender equity promoted in the elementary schools in B.C. for current years. Combining my growing and teaching experience in the traditional patriarchal society, I interviewed four elementary school teachers and observed their classes. The results presented: (1) hegemonic masculinity within students’ conversations and parents’ educational attitudes became a barrier to teachers who took gender-neutral pedagogy; (2) hegemonic masculinity emphasized gender binary in teachers’ daily language and teaching materials; (3) teachers’ expectations to students reflected the needs and requirements of the male-dominant society. I also collected teachers’ efforts to avoid hegemonic masculinity and promote gender equity with formulating three stories and my analysis.



Hegemonic masculinity, Early Childhood Education, Pedagogy