Public/Private Construction: The Photographic Album of Nellie L. McClung




Wilson, Lara Jane

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The album of Nellie Letitia Mooney McClung (1873-1951) is housed in the British Columbia Archives' Visual Records and is the only photographic album in the McClung Papers. This thesis proposes to contextualize the album within women's photographic history in general, and McClung's photographic practice in particular. The following points will be argued: first, photo albums are complex socio-historical documents which provide insight into gender and class constructions; second, late nineteenth and early twentieth century album-making was considered a female pursuit linked to the domestic sphere; third, the Nellie McClung album dates primarily from 1896-1911, the years McClung lived with her husband, Wesley, and children in Manitou, Manitoba; and fourth, I propose that a number of the album's photos are not only private mementos, but also public documents, having been used or considered as illustrations and advertisements for works written by or about Nellie McClung in these years.



photography, photograph albums, Manitou, Manitoba, McClung, Nellie L., 1873-1951.