Sooke Hills Wildlife Monitoring Project




Monk, Connor

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The purpose of this research is to have a network of motion-triggered cameras (“camera traps”) in the Sooke Hills Wilderness Park as well as the Greater Victoria Water Supply Area with the aim of understanding wildlife occupancy and human-wildlife interactions. As human presence increases in regional parks due to increased opportunities for hiking and other activities, wildlife habitat and resource use may be impacted in adverse ways. In addition, there is enhanced likelihood of interactions between humans and wildlife, which can cause concerns particularly if wildlife feel threatened. To address these issues, this project aims to collect photographs of both humans and wildlife throughout the Sooke Hills Park and in the lower Goldstream Watershed, the latter of which will provide a baseline of wildlife occupancy in an area with little human activity. The results from the study will be used to provide the CRD and academic community with new information on park visitation patterns, wildlife occupancy patterns over space and time, and the potential relationships between humans and wildlife throughout this area.



Wildlife, Sooke Hills, SURREAL, camtraps, camera traps, Geography, Human-animal interaction