Ensuring the success of struggling learners: the role of the principal




Berendt, Michael

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The purpose of this project was to develop an understanding of struggling learners, their needs and how principals can help them be successful. I surveyed administrators in the school district in which I am employed and looked at current literature on struggling learners, special education issues as they pertain to principals, inclusion, and the impact on teachers and principals. Through the survey of administrators in my school district I had hoped to find strategies or programs that they had used or knew to help struggling learners. In my literature search I looked at the strategies to support struggling learners. I considered topics such as strength based interventions, self-regulation, behaviour support programs, and Response to Intervention. I found that Response to Intervention was a feasible and potentially worthwhile approach to supporting struggling learners. The survey and questionnaire were also meant to determine the principals’ knowledge and understanding of inclusion and their role in supporting struggling learners. The other aspect of the survey was to determine the level of training in special education that the principals and administrators possessed. I compared this data to previous studies from my Literature Review. I also wanted to understand what the principals’ / administrators’ perceptions were about the barriers to supporting struggling learners. I also looked at the literature to see what other studies had found to be the important attributes that principals should possess to best be able to support struggling learners.



struggling, diverse, learners, principals, special education