Internationally Educated Nurses: Validating Experience in the Registration of Licensed Practical Nurses in Alberta




Therrien, Melanie

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The College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta (CLPNA) regulates the Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) profession in Alberta. This role includes the assessment and recognition of Internationally Educated Nurses (IENs) seeking registration as Practical Nurses. The current framework for this assessment includes the review of previous education, past experience and a self-assessment of nursing practice. This research focused on the review of IEN job descriptions in comparison to the CLPNA competency profile in order to determine how well they match. The CLPNA competency profile has 152 general competencies and 128 were used in the evaluation of the IENs job descriptions – those excluded included competencies specific to Alberta and those requiring specialty education. Job descriptions were evaluated from IENs who were approved for registration between February 2015 and March 2018. Job description evaluation was limited to those IENs that held clinical positions in their country of origin. 84 job descriptions were evaluated by mapping the competencies in the job description to the competencies in the profile. Of the 128 competencies utilized in the comparison 13 were found by more than 50% of job descriptions and of that 5 were seen in more than 80% of job descriptions. Recommendations to improve further evaluation of IENs include the recommendation to establish a list of essential CLPNA competencies and to determine the best method to evaluate the competencies. Additional recommendations include a review of educational needs to fill gaps in knowledge and the potential development of a process for clinical evaluation.



Internationally Educated Nurse, Substantial Equivalence, Work Experience, Competency, Assessment