Getting connected: proposing and implementing a connected classrooms program in a public school district




Deacon, D'Arcy Russell

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This project examines the theoretical and practical applications of implementing a connected classrooms video-conferencing program in a British Columbia School District. There were two guiding questions for this project: (1) How can implementing a connected classroom program increase the range and frequency of course/program offerings? (2) What are the quality teaching and learning opportunities associated with connecting classrooms through technology? The project had two defined stages: proposal and implementation of a district connected classrooms pilot program; and observations about the levels of success for implementation in classrooms. Through a synthesis of current literature regarding connecting classrooms using technology it was determined opportunities existed to increase the range and frequency of course offerings in a shrinking district. The initiation of this program has yet to result in an increase in the range and frequency of course offerings. Further, it was established that the use of video conferencing and other connective technologies did lead to highly engaging learning experiences with opportunities for high quality teaching and learning moments.



video conferencing, connected classrooms