Factors of practicum experience for pre-service teacher's sense of readiness for their teaching career




Li, Luhan

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The factors that contribute to a good practicum, an essential component to prepare pre-service teachers for their teaching careers, are examined in this paper. By reviewing the examples of teacher education institutions all over the world, some implications are provided for Chinese normal universities to improve the effectiveness of practicum. The duration of the practicum should be long and be distributed into several times. It is necessary to articulate the practicum with method courses to make pre-service teachers make more linkages between theory and practice. The comprehensive support from supervisor, mentor teacher and peers are critical. Reflection can help pre-service teachers gain new things by reviewing and become reflective learners in their future teaching. Triadic assessment and clear criterion should be used to ensure the fairness of the evaluation of teaching performance.



practicum, support, reflection, pre-service teacher