Improved multipath channel estimation and data transmission throughbeamforming training using hierarchical codebook




Sun, Yi-Ming

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Multiple-input and multiple-output (MIMO) technology with antenna arrays is a vital solution to achieve the advertised features in the next generation wireless communication. Multiple antennas at the transmitter and receiver can achieve diversity as well as multiplexing gain during data transmission. In order to take advantage of the multiplexing gain of MIMO systems, two or more channel paths are required to send multiple signal streams simultaneously. Beamforming (BF) training using low resolution and high resolution array beams is already implemented in the IEEE 802.11ad standard, making hierarchical codebook design an attractive approach. In this thesis, our goal is to improve multi-path channel estimation and data transmission through BF training using hierarchical codebook design. Kaiser Window sector array design and restricted orthogonal projection are applied during the beam training phase. The pre-defined hybrid-implemented codewords selected after the BF training are used for data transmission directly. With these combined efforts, a 30\% higher spectral efficiency compared to the reference design [1] is achieved.



mmWave, channel estimation, codebook, beamforming