An exploration of knowledge translation in aboriginal health




Estey, Elizabeth

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Continued documentation of the disproportionate burden of ill health faced by Aboriginal Peoples in Canada raises questions about the gap between what is known and what action is being taken to improve Aboriginal health in Canada. In order to explore this puzzle of knowledge translation (KT), a conceptual framework was developed by synthesizing the KT literature with the Aboriginal health research literature. Using this framework as a guide, this study explored the idea of KT within one Aboriginal health research context – the Network Environments for Aboriginal Research British Columbia (NEARBC). Concepts, ideas, and patterns drawn from the systematic thematic analysis of semi-structured qualitative interviews highlight the complexity of Aboriginal KT and the challenges that lie ahead. The lessons learned from these challenges are reviewed and opportunities for KT to help transform the discourse and practice of Aboriginal health research and policy in Canada discussed.



knowledge translation, Aboriginal health, evidence-based policy, health research