Exploring experiences of people accessing addictions facility beds




Crombie, Jody

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Many people seek out supports for addiction treatment and recovery. Communities are committed to providing addictions facility beds to individuals struggling with substance use. However, there is limited understanding of the experiences of people who move through these beds. The purpose of this research is to explore the experiences of individuals accessing addictions facility beds, including the process of coming to a facility, being in the facility, windows and doors to recovery, discharge, and follow up care. Interpretive descriptive methodology was used to guide this study. Eight qualitative interviews were completed with people who self-identified as having problematic substance use and were admitted to any addictions facility in the past six months. The interviews were analyzed using the grounded theory method of constant comparative methods of analysis. The five themes generated in this research were understanding individuals as the experts of their care; challenges in gaining access to supports; systemic issues, including knowing what to expect and flexibility; gaining insight into personal challenges and successes; and present experiences and expectations affecting future encounters. Understanding individual experiences of the process of accessing supports can be of great value in future planning and development, and making the available resources as effective as possible. The findings of this research may be useful in five ways. First, this research is directly useful to those working with individuals who have problematic substance use through helping them understand the experiences of their clients. Second, this research is useful for planning the delivery of services to individuals who have problematic substance use. Third, this research is indirectly useful to anyone negatively affected by problematic substance use, through the potential to improve supports. Fourth, this research contributes to the profession of nursing by building on and strengthening nursing care offered to individuals. Fifth, and last, this research contributes to the wider base of literature regarding what is known about caring for individuals with substance use.



addiction, detox, facility