A Flexible C++ Library for Wavelet Transforms of 3-D Polygon Meshes




Wei, Shengyang

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The lifted wavelet transforms of 3-D polygon meshes are introduced, and the details of Loop and Butterfly wavelet transforms are studied. Then, a library that implements a framework for computing lifted wavelet transforms of polygon meshes is presented. To compute Loop and Butterfly wavelet transforms, users can employ the built-in functionality of the library. In addition, users can also define custom wavelet transforms via a secondary application programming interface provided by the library. Some application programs implemented with this library are also provided for demonstration purposes, including application that perform wavelet-based polygon mesh simplification and denoising. Finally, the run-time performance of the library are measured. Our library is shown to perform lifted wavelet transforms, except the subdivision detection step in linear time with respect to the number of vertices. The main bottleneck is the subdivision detection step, since it includes sorting, which has a time complexity greater than linear.



C++, wavelet transforms, polygon meshes