Becoming Dragon: An Epistemology of Transition




Cárdenas, Micha

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Pacific Centre for Technology and Culture


How are technologies of transformation facilitating new becomings, new modes of learning and new sites of knowledge? The performance Becoming Dragon sought to explore two lines of technology, Multi-User Virtual Environments and biotechnology. Following Anna Munster’s call for Transversal Technology Studies, this paper is an attempt to map two transversal lines between these two directions of technology: transition or becoming as a mode of being and mixing of realities, genders and sexualities as a strategy of subversion. The intersections of these lines of technology and transversal strategies of action will be examined as operating within and against two fields of knowledge production, phenomenology and what Ricardo Dominguez has called “science of the oppressed”.



technologies of transformation, epistemology of transition, multi-user virtual environments, performance, biotechnology, Anna Munster, gender and sexuality, science of the oppressed


Micha, Cárdenas. "Becoming Dragon: An Epistemology of Transition." Pacific Centre for Technology and Culture, Victoria, B.C. 4 June 2009. Presentation.