Knowledge translation and the clinical nurse educator: an integrative literature review




Vogt, Corina

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Despite the increase in evidence based research, the application of knowledge to frontline nurses remains a challenge. Knowledge translation (KT) is a process that can address this challenge through transferring evidence into tangible knowledge relevant to nursing practice and direct patient care. The purpose of this literature review is to review the role of the clinical nurse educator (CNE) in the area of KT. Clinical nurse educators have an important role as facilitators of KT. In the literature reviewed for this project it was evident that clinical nurse educators have a low level comfort with knowledge translation, and that their level of education and experience has an impact on their level of comfort. As well, in this literature review, it was revealed that several personal and organizational barriers impact the effectiveness of knowledge translation for the clinical nurse educator and the frontline nurse. Additional education, a research-centered attitude, and research application skills are required to strengthen nurse educators’ competency and confidence with translating nursing knowledge within a dynamic nursing culture.



knowledge translation, nurse educator, literature reivew