Implementing person centred care strategies for those with dementia in residential care: an integrative review of the literature




Kurucz, Susan

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Many people with dementia in the moderate to later stages require around the clock nursing care in a residential care facility. Nursing homes or residential care facilities have developed from a past that focused on the physical care rather than the needs of the whole person. Person centered care (PCC) is a holistic model of care that recognizes all the needs of a person including, physical, psychological, social and spiritual. It is the preferred model of care for those with dementia in residential care. The transition from an institutionally based nursing home to a person centered home is not an easy one. There are many changes that need to take place and the literature has lessons to be learned that can be shared. This project is an integrative literature review on research on person centered care initiatives with the goal of providing a “how to” guide for other facilities making this change. The research provides insights into successful implementation of person centred care including style of management, methods of knowing the person in care, education strategies, and practical strategies in using multi-sensory environments and bathing. While the journey of moving to a person centered model is not an easy one, it is a journey towards improving the quality of life for those who live in residential care and as such it is well worth the effort.



person centred care, strategies, dementia, residential care, integrative review