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Bui, Hoai An

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The Career Achievement Project (CAP) is an ongoing research project started by Dr. Rick Cotton over 10 years ago, compiling data on more than 30,000 individuals from 242 different professional and occupational national or international halls of fame. The study aims to examine the nature of extraordinary career achievement in order to identify the key factors that contributed to the development of exceptional success by the top 1-2% of role incumbents in different fields, helping to inform excellence going forward. During the VKURA internship, I collected and analyzed 8416 profiles from 14 public hall of fame websites. Additional in-depth analysis will be needed to fully answer the research question. The poster will (1) describe research performed on inductees of three halls of fame: Accounting, Art Directors Club, and Canadian Aviation, (2) highlight similarities and differences in career patterns within and across these three halls of fame, and (3) leverage the career concepts developed by Brousseau et al. (1996) to further examine inductee's career patterns.



occupational achievement, career pattern, career development, halls of fame