Reconfigurable Feedback Shift Register Cipher Design and Secure Link Layer Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network




Zeng, Guang

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Secure wireless communications among sensor nodes is critical to the deployment of wireless sensor networks. However, resource limited sensor nodes cannot afford complex cryptographic algorithms. In this thesis, we propose a low complexity and energy efficient reconfigurable feedback shift register (RFSR) stream cipher, link layer encryption framework RSec and authentication protocol RAuth. RFSR adds one new dimension, reconfigurable cipher structure, to the existing stream ciphers. The proposed RFSR is implemented on a field programmable gate array platform. Simulation results show that much lower power consumption, delay and transmission overhead are achieved compared to the existing microprocessor based cipher implementations. The RSec framework utilizes RFSR ciphers to guarantee message confidentiality. By comparing with other encryption frameworks in terms of energy efficiency, RSec achieves the best benchmark. The RAuth protocol is designed on top of RFSR and RSec. It provides excellent authentication speed and security level by comparing with other authentication protocols.



wireless sensor network, WSN, security, RFSR, reconfigurable, cipher, link layer, protocol