Biidaaban: The Aim is Liberation




Whetung, Estrella

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"Biidaaban: The Aim is Liberation" is a graphic novel that details a futuristic alternative universe, though one much like our own in terms of colonial processes, in which indigenous peoples are fighting for liberation. When I first started this project, one thought that came to mind was, "How do we create new stories in our communities?" If we are aiming to reach certain goals within our communities as indigenous peoples, then we must first envision what we are looking to achieve. Storytelling in conjunction with visual imagery is by no means a new concept for indigenous peoples, so I put forth this graphic novel as an extension of a much older method rather than a drastic departure from Nishinaabeg ways. The process of creating this work has aided in bringing together family and community members to discuss a crucial matter-what we want for the next seven generations and what we are currently doing to make sure that future happens



community, colonial, stories, indigenous, generations, colonialism, youth, colonization, Nishinaabe, Lekwungen, WSANEC, family