Why there is a need for a French immersion department head in a dual track school?




Côté, M.J. Mélanie

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This paper studies the benefits of a French Immersion Department Head in a dual track setting. In examining various articles, the challenges and demands of a French Immersion program in a dual-track school are explored. Using qualitative and quantitative forms of literature, the paper will present the struggles related to French Immersion in a dual-track setting with a comparison between how objectives are being met in an Immersion Center versus a Dual track setting. Furthermore, the paper will present the idea of a department head/lead teacher role for the French Immersion program to assist the teachers, the administrators and the students in achieving fluency in French while learning in an English dominate school. The department head is mandated to ensure the effectiveness and the credibility of the pedagogical aspect of acquiring fluency in a dual-track setting.



French Immersion, dual-track, department head