Information Visualization in Three-Dimensional Photorealistic Environment: A Case Study of Forestry and Visual Impact Assessments




Lai, Kuan-Cheng

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Visual impact assessments are an integral part of forest operations often conducted by foresters to prevent excessive visual damage to the scenery. In this thesis, we take a deep dive into how visual impact assessments are currently conducted and explore how information visualization can complement this process. We start by deriving important tasks and design requirements from i) a review of relevant documents and ii) findings from interviews with domain experts. Then, we describe Evergreen, an information visualization system in a three-dimensional photorealistic environment informed by these tasks and requirements. Finally, we report on a qualitative evaluation of Evergreen where domain experts completed the derived tasks. We found that the system can effectively assist foresters in conducting visual impact assessments and that participants would include Evergreen in their current workflow. The results highlight directions for future research including how navigation, interactions, and visual encodings can make communicating information within a 3D environment more precise and effective.



Human computer interaction (HCI), Information visualization