Inquiring into Teaching Games for Understanding: how models based teaching and assessment can inform practice




McMath, Christopher Robert James

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The purpose of this study was to determine if a new teaching model, Teaching Games for Understanding (TGfU), can influence participants’ understanding of learning and change their practice. This practitioner action research took place over one semester and included four physical education (PE) teachers. Two participants taught using the TGfU model and two participants used their typical practice. Collaboration within a professional learning community encouraged a recursive process of learning of critical aspects of practice. The results of this study indicate that teacher change in PE is possible through the introduction of a new teaching model. The new model enabled a deep analysis of beliefs and led change in practices. For example, the teachers more fully realized the significance of modifying the game (TGfU core idea) to meet their students’ ability levels. In particular, how modifying games is most effective when the students decide how the game will be modified, select the criteria for success when playing the game, and are involved in their own formative assessment.



Teacher change, Teaching games for understanding, Physical education and training, Study and teaching