The experience of well-being in the midst of advanced cancer




Yue, Kathleen

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People with advanced cancer may have significant challenges to their physical, emotional, spiritual, and social well-being. However, some individuals are able to experience an overall sense of well-being in spite of these challenges. This study sought to understand the experience of well-being from the perspective of people with advanced cancer. Guided by interpretive descriptive methodology, eight participants were interviewed and the data were analyzed using the constant comparative approach. The participants took an active role in their well-being experience and described four main themes: view of self, the fluctuating nature of well-being, choices made to enhance well-being (including choosing supportive relationships, putting one‟s own needs first, treatments, focusing on the positive, and honoring the negative), and living in ambiguity. These findings have implications for nursing practice, nursing education, and health care organizations.



Advanced cancer, Well-being, Palliative care, Coping, End-of-life