Low Complexity MIMO Channel Prediction for Fast Time-Variant Vehicular Communications Channels Based on Discrete Prolate Spheroidal Sequences




Talaei, Farnoosh
Zhan, Jinlong
Dong, Xiaodai

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IEEE Access


Channel state information (CSI) is required at the transmitter for achieving the maximum potentials of multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems. In fast time-variant vehicular communications channels high data rate feedback lines are required in a frequency division duplex (FDD) transceiver for updating the transmitter with the rapidly changing CSI. Even with high data rate feedback lines, the delay caused by channel estimation and feedback may lead to outdated CSI at the transmitter. To reduce both the feedback load and CSI delay, this paper presents a reduced rank autoregressive (AR) channel predictor based on low dimensional discrete prolate spheroidal (DPS) sequences. The new subframe-wise DPS basis expansion model (DPS-BEM) channel predictor properly exploits the channel's restriction to low dimensional subspaces for reducing the prediction error and the computational complexity. The proposed channel predictor can be applied for updating the precoding matrix in time-variant MIMO systems. Simulation results demonstrate that the proposed channel predictor outperforms the DPS based minimum energy (ME) predictor at different Doppler frequencies and has better performance than the conventional Wiener predictor for slower time-variant channels and almost similar performance for very fast time-variant channels with reduced amount of computational complexity.



MIMO communication, Predictive models, Channel estimation, Delays, Doppler effect, Transmitting antennas, Tracking, MIMO channel prediction, time varying vehicle-to-everything (V2X) channel, feedback delay, discrete prolate spheroidal sequences, precoder


Talaei, F., Zhan, J., & Dong, X. (2021). Low complexity MIMO channel prediction for fast time-variant vehicular communications channels based on discrete prolate spheroidal sequences. IEEE Access, 9, 23398-23408. DOI: 10.1109/ACCESS.2021.3056297