Sore spots and skin grafts: recovering the self(s) through autoethnographic inquiries of becoming (a teacher)




Merkel, Liz

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This qualitative study advances the possibility for pre-service teachers’ transformational change in the ways that they consider teaching, learning and the culture of schooling via autoethnographic exploration. I interviewed 5 participants who chose autoethnographic inquiry to fulfill a seminar course in their Post Degree Professional Program at the University of Victoria. Using post structural methodology and arts-based representation, I introduce the palimpsest, a multi-layered and overwritten text, as a metaphor to express the complex, layered and constantly changing process of becoming (a teacher). A thematic analysis of the data revealed several phases/layers of the autoethnographic process experienced by the participants including: re-embodiment; hermeneutic phenomenology; and healing and transformation. Through these phases/layers, the participants questioned the institution within which they are ‘becoming’, informing and transforming the patterns they themselves assume. The aim of this study is to provide in-depth description of autoethnography that demonstrates its potential to illuminate discursive patterns dominant in the culture of schooling.



Curriculum, Autoethnography, Teachers, Training of