When We Meet it's Hom[i]e[s] Again: A Collaborative Film




Haley, Isabella

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This project originated within a directed study under the guidance and support of Dr. Boudreault-Fournier, exploring contemporary ethnographic film methods. When We Meet it’s Hom[i]e[s] Again is a collaborative film which follows three young adult musicians as they collaborate virtually and in-person during the span of a year. Using experimental and emergent methods in audiovisual anthropology, this project embraces fluid authorship and dynamic creative authority. Sampling and placemaking were key themes in the creation of this project. We invested in sampling as a practice that expands from hip-hop into everyday life. Collaborators were asked to collect and record footage that captured their musical and artistic work, and the ways in which they balance this work amidst young adulthood, post-pandemic and post-modern sampling culture. During the Fall of 2022, all collaborators gathered in-person to affirm the work that had been done and to finalize the collective vision through the creation of a song. Watch the film: https://vimeo.com/807381147



friendship ethics, audiovisual anthropology, anthropology, sampling, ethnographic film