Enhancing local capacities for peace : a case study of the implementation of the Better Programming Initiative in a Red Cross project in Honduras




McGeean, Katherine.

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The 1990s saw a growing awareness of the relationship between aid and conflict, which included a better understanding of the potential impact of aid in terms of ameliorating or exacerbating conflict. Recognizing that aid, at a minimum, should 'do no harm', the challenge now exists for humanitarian aid organizations to apply and mainstream this understanding. This thesis presents a case study of the implementation phase of such a Peace and Conflict Impact Assessment (PCIA) methodology, the Better Programming Initiative (BPI), as applied by the Honduran Red Cross in a situation of high social violence in the community of Ciudad Espafia. Several months were spent in Honduras in order to develop an understanding of the implementation of BPI through participating in and assisting with the facilitation of BPI training and a program analysis of the project. The study was based on individual interviews, participant feedback from written workshop evaluations, participant observation, and participation in NGO training and evaluation activities as well as secondary data sources including research and project reports. Lessons learned during the implementation process are outlined, as well as suggestions for enhancing the BPI training and program analysis process are provided. Areas for further research are also identified.