Locally-based environmental science education




Heinekey, Douglas

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This project presents a locally based approach to environmental science education. By focusing on the environmental factors that are most proximal and influential to the ecosystem in which learning is taking place, relevance and interest for students is increased. By incorporating local Indigenous knowledge, connections to place can be created, and environmental values can be instilled. Student based inquiry is explored as a pedagogical approach which can accommodate a broad range of interests and create space for different environmental perspectives to come together in one setting. The final product of this project is a short inquiry-based unit plan for the BC Environmental Science 12 curriculum. Through a scaffolded inquiry approach that progresses from teacher guided to free inquiry, this unit promotes student engagement with their local environment, integrating Indigenous knowledge and making connections with local as well as global environmental issues. The conclusion of this unit is a free student inquiry project into a topic of their choice.  



environmental science, inquiry, Indigenous science, place-based, land-based, science education