Mimicking human-drawn pencil lines




Al-Meraj, Zainab Faisal

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In applications such as architecture, early design sketches containing accurate line drawings often mislead the target audience [Schumann et al. 1996]. Approximate human-drawn sketches are typically accepted as a better way of demonstrating fundamental design concepts. To this end I have designed an algorithm that creates lines that perceptually resemble human-drawn lines. My algorithm works directly with input point data and a physically–based mathematical model of human arm movement. Further, the algorithm does not rely on a database of human drawn lines, nor does it require any input other than the end points of the lines to generate a line of arbitrary length. The algorithm will generate any number of aesthetically pleasing and natural looking lines, where each one is unique. The algorithm was developed by conducting various user studies on human drawn pencil line sketches, and analyzing the lines to produce basic heuristics. I found that an observational analysis of human lines made a bigger impact on the algorithm than a statistical analysis. A further study shows that the algorithm produces lines that are perceptually indistinguishable from straight hand-drawn pencil lines.



Computer Graphics, Non-Photorealistic Rendering