Diversifying Trumpet Pedagogy Through Traditional Filipino and Indian Melodies




Parmar, Abha-Marie

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Trumpet is an instrument that appears in a wide variety of music, in hundreds of cultures around the world. However, the teaching of fundamental concepts for Western Classical trumpet players is almost exclusively from étude and study books based on Eurocentric material, ideas, and sounds, in particular from white, male composers. My research aims to present melodies from traditional Filipino and Indian cultures in an attempt to diversify trumpet pedagogy for future trumpet players. By starting this project, I am advocating for Western Classical musicians to acknowledge the value that non-Eurocentric music has on developing skills to play the trumpet. Although I am researching only Filipino and Indian melodies, I anticipate that this project will only be a stepping stone in first diversifying study material for trumpet players and further, Western classical musicians in general. I plan to start my research by inquiring about cherished traditional melodies from my Filipino and Indian relatives and friends, and then moving onto music libraries and online resources for continued study. Furthermore, I plan on compiling and notating my material using online music notation software, Sibelius.



Trumpet, Music, Pedagogy, Asian, Philippines, India, Traditional