Underwater web cameras as tools for motivating students to engage in inquiry-based learning of marine science topics




Irvine, Mike

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In an attempt to motivate students to engage in technology supported inquiry-based learning of marine science topics and ocean literacy. This M.Ed project proposes that underwater web cameras are effective tools for facilitating student learning in these areas. Through the use of underwater web cameras, students and teachers can connect to marine environments in real-time by observing and engaging in inquiry-based learning collectively. Underwater web cameras allows access to live video feeds from anywhere, any time of day and through all Internet capable devices, promoting further student engagement largely without spatial or temporal constraint. Real-time interactions with marine environments have the potential to improve engagement with marine science when compared to traditional pedagogical approaches. Research suggests that real-time underwater video feeds provide an engaging presentation of marine environments and encourages students to pursue marine science careers. In addition, online web streaming can facilitate real-time discussions between students and scientists. Students can hear and speak with researchers that are underwater instantaneously, inquiring about the various marine environments they are observing. The educational importance of these kinds of interactions, promote participatory science, STEM and ocean literacy. Underwater web cameras give students the opportunity to explore and discover the richness of the ocean, motivating students to potentially engage in ocean stewardship.



TSIL, STEM, Ocean Literacy, STSP, Live Events, Underwater Web Cameras, Live Dives