Analysis of user density and quality of service using crowdsourced mobile network data




Panjwani, Nazma

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This thesis analyzes the end-user quality of service (QoS) in cellular mobile networks using device-side measurements. Quality of service in a wireless network is a significant factor in determining a user's satisfaction. Customers' perception of poor QoS is one of the core sources of customer churn for telecommunications companies. A core focus of this work is on assessing how user density impacts QoS within cellular networks. Kernel density estimation is used to produce user density estimates for high, medium, and low density areas. The QoS distributions are then compared across these areas. The k-sample Anderson-Darling test is used to determine the degree to which user densities vary over time. In general, it is shown that users in higher density areas tend to experience overall lower QoS levels than those in lower density areas, even though these higher density areas service more subscribers. The conducted analyses highlight the value of mobile device-side QoS measurements in augmenting traditional network-side QoS measurements.



Data Analysis, Big Data, Crowdsourced data, Mobile network, Kernel Density Estimation, Anderson-Darling