A Framework for Collaborative Applications using a Client-Server Network With Supernodes




Zhao, YiYun

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Today's product managers must quickly determine viable avenues for innovation while carefully balancing the costs and benefits involved. Agile methodologies are highly incremental and often seen as lacking in rigour and due diligence. This thesis explores the relationship between processes and tools that are commonplace for product managers versus those that tend to be reserved for researchers. A case study reveals key opportunities for the practices in each domain to inform each other, and further identifies the need for gaps in the tooling to be addressed. The study uses Think Together, a collaborative mobile application for interactive presentations with rich media content. The application supports individual action layers for each user and session replay, creating several challenging bottlenecks that jeopardize the scalability of the original implementation. A proposal for an alternative network configuration for communication to address these bottlenecks is examined from both a product management viewpoint and from a more traditional research perspective. A simulator is used as a means to analyze and evaluate the proposed configuration, revealing essential trade-o s in terms of efficiency and productivity. Unlike testing on real devices, the simulator is much more in line with agile processes, enabling more power and flexibility without the limitations of physical resources. However, the extent to which simulated results are practical in the real world, in particular to product managers, is an open question. We demonstrate how a lifecycle involving both traditional approaches to research and incremental implementation strategies in agile environments complements each other, and further identify current obstacles involved.



network, simulation, agile