The effects of acute creatine supplementation on volume of work and anaerobic performance in vegetarians




Rahpymay-Rad, Kamran

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The purpose of this study was to examine the acute effects of five days of creatine supplementation on volume of work and anaerobic performance in vegetarian males and females. Twenty recreationally-active non-vegetarians (age 29.2 ± 9.6 yrs) and twelve vegetarians (age 28.0 ± 9.9 yrs) were tested on 5 x 10 RM seated chest press (total work) and 6 x 6 s all-out sprint (anaerobic performance) on a Monark cycle ergometer prior to and after five days of treatment. Treatment consisted of five grams of creatine monohydrate plus one gram of glucose or a placebo consisting of six grams of glucose dissolved in 250 ml of a warm liquid ingested four times per day for five days. Participants were divided in a double blind fashion to one of the four groups: non-vegetarians on creatine NVCr (n = 10); non-vegetarians on placebo NVPIa (n =10); vegetarians on creatine VCr (n = 6); and vegetarians on placebo VPIa (n = 6). Significant improvement was observed (p<0.05) in volume of work and anaerobic performance variables of peak power (PP), mean power (MP), anaerobic capacity (AC), and relative peak power (RPP) in NVCr and VCr. However, there was no significant difference between the vegetarians and non-vegetarians on Cr. Volume of work (total repetitions) also improved significantly in NVP1a and VP1a but to a lesser extent than the Cr groups. There was no significant change in anaerobic performance in the placebo groups. Furthermore, there was no significant main effect on anaerobic fatigue for any of the four groups. The results of this study indicate that acute creatine supplementation improved total volume of work and anaerobic performance in vegetarian and non-vegetarian participants to the same extent.



Creatine, Performance