An orientation program for new graduates working in the emergency department: Curriculum development




Bushe, Judy

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Due to the global shortage of nurses it is not uncommon for health institution to hire new graduates to work in the emergency department; however, there are limited orientation programs to address the needs of new graduates in this highly challenging and stressful area of practice. New graduates who lack consolidation of their basic knowledge and skills after their BSN degree enter into an emergency specialty programs, and upon completion, they are expected to utilize a higher level of critical thinking they have not yet fully developed. The goal of this project is to develop a curriculum blueprint for new graduates to work in the emergency department following a foundational emergency specialty course. A thematic analysis of literature was performed to identify three major themes of the challenges new graduates face when transitioning into their professional role; socialization with subthemes of sociopolitical and sociocultural, skills and knowledge, and interpersonal conflict. The analysis was used to inform the development of an orientation program. A theoretical framework of constructivist learning theory, Benner’s novice to expert, and Finks taxonomy were used to guide the process of curriculum development. The intent is to present nurse educators and managers an orientation program grounded in evidence informed knowledge, which would enable novice nurses in the emergency department to practice in a safe and competent manner.



Emergency Deparment, Curriculum Development, New Graduates, Orientation