Calibration and response of the high pseudorapidity region of the ATLAS liquid argon end-cap calorimeters




Shaw, Warren Darrell

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In preparation for the ATLAS experiment at the LHC at CERN. the high pseudorapidity region (|n| > 2.5) of the ATLAS end-cap liquid argon calorimeters underwent particle beam testing in 2004. One of the main goals of these tests is to study energy reconstruction in the complex interface region between the electromagnetic. hadronic, and forward calorimeters at. 1 - 3.2. These detectors were exposed to beams of electrons and pions with energies ranging from 6 GeV to 200 GeV. Three methods of calibration in the electromagnetic end-cap calorimeter (EMEC) are studied and compared to the results of a previous beam test. of the EMEC. The electromagnetic scale factor (aEM) is computed and compared to the previous beam test value. Studies of the energy response and resolution of the high pseudorapidity region of the three end-cap calorimeters to the particle beam position scans are given.



calorimiters, hadron colliders