Use of silica particles to improve dispersion of -COOH CNTs/carbon fibers to produce HyFRCC




Garg, Mohit
Das, Chandra Sekhar
Gupta, Rishi

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Construction and Building Materials


The development of hybrid fiber reinforced cement composite that has high strength, scope to be 12 used as cement-based sensors has been investigated in this study by using a combination of carbon 13 fibers and carbon nanotubes (CNT) at low volume fraction. The dispersion of CNTs was enhanced 14 by using polycarboxylate based superplasticizer that resulted in a homogeneous aqueous stable 15 solution, and profoundly improved dispersion when integrated with the cementitious matrix. 16 Different siliceous additives were also incorporated into the mixes to improve the dispersion of 17 CNTs in the matrix, where micro-silica outperformed as compared to nano-silica, confirmed 18 morphologically. On the other hand, nano-silica enhanced dispersion of milled carbon fibers in the 19 aqueous state. The sensing behavior was determined by the measurement of bulk resistance of 20 mixes and the samples were subjected to compressive loading to study the strength improvement 21 with the incorporation of fibers. The experimental results reveal that hybrid combination of 22 chopped carbon fibers, micro silica, and low volume fraction of CNTs in a cementitious matrix 23 results in a stronger and durable concrete that holds the potential for sensing applications. Thus, 24 laying a strong foundation for the future of low cost smart cement based materials.



Cement-based sensors, Carbon nanotubes, Carbon fibers, Silica particles, dispersion characteristics, mortar, compressive strength, smart materials, superplasticizer


Garg, M., Das, C. S., & Gupta R. (2020). Use of silica particles to improve dispersion of –COOH CNTs/carbon fibers to produce HyFRCC. Construction and Building Materials, 250, 1-15.