Phonological awareness and spelling intervention for older children




Houston, Melanie

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This intervention study investigated whether children aged seven to ten years, experiencing difficulty developing literacy skills, could increase their phonological awareness and spelling skills by participating in a program lasting for 20 hours. A single subject, multiple base-line design was used with six participants. Phonological awareness blending and segmenting skills as well as single word writing skills were practiced explicitly and systematically in a highly structured program. Written words included mono-syllables, multi-syllabic words and words with derivational and inflectional morphemes. The words in the program focused on words with consistent sound-letter correspondence. All participants scored in the normal range for phonological awareness skills after the first 5 hours of instruction. Gains in phonological awareness skills did not influence spelling skills. Single word spelling only increased when writing skills were specifically targeted. All participants showed improvements in sound-letter correspondence writing skills. Some small, inconsistent gains were made in overall spelling skills.



Language, Languages, Elementary