Psychometric characteristics of the Functional Outcome Profile: a new measure of outcome following brain injury




Ross, Stacey L.

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The Functional Outcome Profile (FOP, Joschko & Skelton, 2003) was developed to be a broad measure of functional outcome following brain injury, unique from existing outcome measures. The purpose of this thesis was to investigate the underlying assumptions and psychometric properties of aspects of the FOP. Data from 107 brain injury survivors and 20 matched significant others were utilized. Exploratory investigations of the items, the scoring and the subscales were undertaken first, followed by investigations of the internal consistency and test-retest reliability of the outcome scores and the survivor-proxy agreement of the frequency ratings. Finally, multiple lines of evidence for the validity of the FOP were put forth based on the content, its relation to external, demographic variables and its sensitivity to change over time. In general, the FOP was found to be a reliable measure of outcome following brain injury with the subscale scores providing the most useful information. The implications for these findings are discussed.



psychometrics, brain injury