Drawn to art therapy: a qualitative study examining art therapists' personal healing experiences with art that led them to a career in art therapy.




Whitty, Chantelle

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This study investigates the healing experience that current practicing art therapists’ have had with art prior to their training, and how that experience influenced their decision to peruse a career in art therapy. Narrative inquiry was the primary methodology in the current study. Six current practicing art therapists, all females who currently reside in the area of Victoria BC, participated in the process of co-constructing their 1st person narratives with the primary researcher. The six stages of Braun & Clarke's (2006) Thematic Analysis was used as the guiding framework developing themes across the stories told. Themes and the implications that came out of these narratives with respect to future research and counseling practice are also discussed.



Healing, Personal experiences, Art therapist, Careers, Career choice, Victoria, B.C.