Sampling methods in Northwest Coast household archaeology: a simulation approach using faunal data from the Ozette site




Gray, Brendan S.

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The methodological and theoretical considerations that must be addressed when excavating the traditional longhouses of the First Nation peoples who lived in the Pacific Northwest region are the foci of this thesis. The large amount of faunal data contained within the remains of houses require the use of explicit, justifiable sampling strategies; however, the methods used to sample these dwellings are not generally a central research focus. A sampling simulation of faunal data recovered from the excavation of numerous houses from the village site of Ozette is the empirical basis of this research. Specifically, the effects of sample size and sample method on richness, relative abundance and the interpretation of status using faunal data are investigated. The results are of heuristic value for future household archaeology on the Northwest Coast and suggest alternative sampling methods which attempt to cope with the labour-intensive research generally required for shell-midden archaeology.



household archaeology, sampling, Ozette, zooarchaeology, northwest coast, simulation, richness, relative abundance