Interoperability in Federated Clouds




Bhojwani, Sushil

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Cloud Computing is the new trend in sharing resources, sharing and managing data and performing computations on a shared resource via the Internet. However, with the constant increase in demand, these resources are insufficient. So users often use another network in conjunction with the current one. All these networks accom- plish the goal of providing the user with a virtual or physical machine. However, to achieve the result, virtual machine users have to maintain multitude credentials and follow a different process for each network. In this thesis, we focus on SAGEFed, a product that enables a user to use the same credentials and commands to reserve the resources on two different federated clouds, i.e., SAVI and GENI. As a part of SAGEFed, the user can acquire or reserve resources on the clouds with the same API. The same service also manages the credentials, so they do not have to manage different credentials while acquiring resources. Furthermore, SAGEFed demonstrates that any cloud that has some form of client tool can be easily integrated.



SAVI GENI Federation