Engaging and developing beginning writers through Interactive Writing and cross-curricular opportunities




Buller, Megan Jean

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The goal of this project is to investigate and apply the components required to create a writing environment for emergent and beginning writers that is both responsive to their needs and helpful in developing their love of writing. Upon a review of the literature on beginning writing, six components have been found to be important: time, Vygotsky’s Zone of Proximal Development, scaffolding as a teaching tool, student engagement, writing as a social interaction, and assessment for learning. Five cross-curricular lessons are then presented. These lessons were created using Interactive Writing as a teaching tool to support an existing writing program in a primary classroom and informed by the identified critical program components for this specific learning group. These criteria and lessons have been created in the hopes that they will provide classroom teachers with enriched practices for the support and development of emergent and beginning writers.



Beginning writing, Interactive Writing, cross-curricular