How do we combat student nurse stress in clinical learning? An integrative review of interventions for addressing student nurse stress




Lachlan, Michelle

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Even though student nurse stress related to the clinical setting has been a prominent issue in the nursing literature for many years, few studies exist that have focused on evaluating interventions that clinical nurse educators could implement to address this practice issue. Due to the prevalence of this issue in the literature, it is imperative for clinical nurse educators to not only be knowledgeable about student nurse stress, but also about effective ways to mitigate it. Thus, the purpose of this integrative review is to critically appraise the current nursing research on interventions to mitigate student nurse stress in the clinical learning environment so as to provide clinical nurse educators with the current evidence on this practice issue. This literature review consists of ten papers, comprised of original research and other sources, which were critically appraised and graded for relevancy and rigour. Key findings from the literature indicate that there are four types of interventions that have been used to reduce student nurse stress in the clinical setting: peer mentoring, simulated clinical experiences, constructive teaching behaviors, and the use of multi-modal instructional methods. Recommendations for clinical nurse instructors include effectively implementing stress-reducing interventions in their own educational practices and becoming more active in nursing education research.



student nurse stress, clinical learning, interventions