Design and implementation of a safe bi-directional document exchange system in health information systems.




Tyagi, Aakash

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Present-day health care systems are information-dense and progressively relying on computer- based information systems. Unfortunately, many of these information system’s use is predominantly restricted to the collection and retrieval of patient records. The failure to digitally communicate and transfer medical record information to other health information systems is undoubtedly a major barrier to efficient patient care and other clinical decision making, and the interoperability between heterogeneous systems still remains a challenge even with decades of investment. The implementation of a safe bi-directional document exchange system is a part of enhancing interoperability by providing a safe messenger system to support some of the core interaction medical documents. Lack of interoperability can also jeopardize patient safety and led to technology-related medical accidents. Hence, the project also focuses on the safety aspect of the system and provides an in-depth hazard analysis along with the implementation of a safety monitoring system to notify users about unexpected system failures.