Design of IIR digital differentiators using constrained optimization




Nongpiur, R. C.
Shpak, D. J.
Antoniou, A,

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A new optimization method for the design of fullband and lowpass IIR digital differentiators is proposed. In the new method, the passband phase-response error is minimized under the constraint that the maximum passband amplituderesponse relative error is below a prescribed level. For lowpass IIR differentiators, an additional constraint is introduced to limit the average squared amplitude response in the stopband, so as to minimize any high-frequency noise that may be present. Extensive experimental results are included which show that the differentiators designed using the proposed method have much smaller maximum phase-response error for the same passband amplitude-response error and stopband constraints when compared with several differentiators designed using stateof- the-art competing methods.



Digital differentiators, IIR filter design, Design of filters by optimization


R. C. Nongpiur, D. J. Shpak, and A. Antoniou, "Design of IIR digital differentiators using constrained optimization,” IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, vol. 62, no. 7, Apr. 2014.