Nursing science based curriculum - why not now? Its significance for the discipline and the profession




Biasio, Heather

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The purpose of this project was to carry out a comprehensive literature review of nursing science, with the goal of making recommendations for incorporation of a nursing science based curriculum. The literature review revealed nursing science, knowledge created within the discipline of nursing, distinguishes what is unique about nursing. It is imperative that nursing, —not other disciplines or agencies—defines nursing when many changes are happening within health care and nursing education that threaten the future of nursing. This definition is established by the art of nursing expressing the science of nursing. Nursing education is a key element in the understanding of and utilization of nursing science. The report concludes that now is the time to incorporate a nursing science based curriculum. Four recommendations are made to facilitate incorporation of a nursing science based curriculum: integrate nursing science into nursing courses; utilize the language of nursing science; facilitate nursing faculty development; and reframe the current CAEN foundational perspectives to reflect nursing science.



nursing, science based curriculum, curriculum, discipline, profession