Making a Survey For Psychology Research: The Process




Rummel, Lana

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Throughout the summer, I helped with two separate studies which were in different stages of completion: The Healthcare Workers Mental Health During COVID-19 (HCW) Survey, and the Canadian Youth Vaccine Confidence (CYVC) Survey. The HCW survey consisted of tasks involving making engaging posters to advertise using Canva, contacting facebook and twitter groups and health organizations with proper email formatting, and using qualtrics to sort and send gift cards to participants efficiently. Overall, my group collected data from BC and ON healthcare workers (hospitals, residential, mental health, and other healthcare jobs). The CYVC Survey was a different type of research since I participated in creating the survey. Tasks involved with this survey included learning about gathering and using standardized scales (such as PHO-2 for depression, GAD-2 for anxiety, intolerance of uncertainty scale, and questions about COVID-19 stress just to name a few) to ask youth about their thoughts on the COVID-19 Vaccine. I also assisted with filling out an ethics application connected through UBC harmonized ethics. This ethics form describes all the aspects of the research being done as well as the purpose, and who’s involved. This ensures that both participants and researchers are protected.



COVID-19, Vaccine, Canadian Youth, Mental Health, Healthcare Workers, Survey, Psychology