Using the evaluation process as a lever for improving health and healthcare accessibility: The case of HCV services organization in Quebec




Brousselle, Astrid
Petit, Geneviève
Giraud, Marie-Josée
Rietmann, Michèle
Boisvert, Krystel
Foley, Véronique

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Evaluation and Program Planning


Background The evaluation process can be a lever to improve pathways of access to healthcare. The objective of this article is to show how an evaluation strategy can both contribute to knowledge development and have direct impacts on health services provision. We use the case of hepatitis C (HCV) services organization to illustrate the use and the value of this evaluative approach. Method Inspired by empowerment evaluation, the transformative–participatory approach involved overlapping phases of knowledge development and discussion with stakeholders. We conducted several knowledge development activities to discern the needs of people with HCV, the resources available, and the facilitators and impediments along the care pathway, starting from prevention and screening, all the way through to treatment. Using an overlapping approach allowed us to regularly transfer acquired knowledge back to the participants in the study settings and also to gather their impressions, interpretations, and suggestions during periods of deliberation. Results The knowledge development activities made it possible to document the needs, resources, and experiences of people affected by HCV. In the discussion sessions, viable solutions were identified to improve health and healthcare access for people with HCV and to prioritize certain actions. This project demonstrated that using the evaluation process can enable an instrumental, conceptual use of results and, in fact, can have a transformative impact on services organization.



Evaluation, Empowerment evaluation, Use, Hepatitis C, Access to care


Brousselle, A., Petit, G., Firaud, M., Rietmann, M., Boisvert, K., & Foley, V. (2016). Using the evaluation process as a lever for improving health and healtchcare accessibility: The case of HCV services organization in Quebec. Evaluation and Program Planning, 55, 134- 143.