A framework for encouraging authentic engagement




Foort, John

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Research has shown that engagement plays an integral role in a student’s education. It can influence behaviour, relationships, academic achievement and attendance. However, as most educators can attest, achieving authentic and sustained engagement with their students can be difficult. The goal of this project is to advance educators' understandings of key factors of engagement as well as provide them with the necessary strategies to authentically engage with their students. In the project proposal, the importance of engagement and the rationale behind the project are discussed. In the literature review, influential factors of engagement are examined. In the third chapter, strategies that are associated with each of these factors are presented and a framework is offered as a tool for engaging students more effectively. In the final chapter, the overall findings and changes to professional beliefs are discussed and recommendations are suggested for educators who are interested in the topic of engagement.



Student engagement, framework, authentic engagement, teacher, peer, cognitive, community