Technology and the Canadian Mind: Innis/McLuhan/Grant




Kroker, Arthur

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New World Perspectives


" intellectual tour de force, written with enormous power and insight. Kroker has seized on what is unique and vital and has rendered the Canadian mind itself on a world stage." -Abraham Rotstein "Why is it that Canada has produced North America's leading communication scholars and theorists? Technology and the Canadian Mind illuminates the intellectual landscape in a dominated landscape -- its anxieties, expectations, theorizing and hostilities." -Herbert I. Schiller, University of California, San Diego "Perhaps the 'Canadian' mind is simply a harbinger of the global mind that has become dependent on technology, experiences the world as increasingly processed, and in Herodotus' words has achieved consciousness without control. Innis' public may be forming, but has not found its theoreticians. Kroker's study is a magnificent step in that direction. -Stanley Aronowitz, CUNY Graduate Center, New York City


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politics of technology, Marshall McLuhan, George Grant, Harold Innis, technology and civilization, social aspects of technology, technological dependency, technological humanism, technological realism, technology and culture


Kroker, A. (1984). Technology and the Canadian mind: Innis/McLuhan/Grant. Victoria, BC: New World Perspectives.